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Whether you’re a student or a professor, Copy5 lets you section off projects by topic, subject, or teams in our “Rooms” feature. Don’t worry about losing files, we’ve got you covered even if you become offline for a while.

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Way easier than in the in-person

Section off rooms, divide projects into tasks that you can assign to yourself or your teammates, set deadlines, and just drag and drop through different stages to get them all the way to complete.

Inviting anyone into your video call has never been easier! You can even dial them in yourself and your guests don’t have to sign-up to join. Get your semester organized and even host your classes on the platform; Discover Copy5!

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It’s important for us you have the right plan that perfectly suits your needs. Not sure what plan is right for you? We can help you find out.

Personal Office
5.00 /month/user

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  • One personal virtual office
  • Go Video up to 25 video call participants:
    - One-on-one or group meetings, no time limit
    - Private & Group Chat
    - Meeting scheduler with integrated calendar
  • Meeting notes, actions and decisions
  • Contact list management
  • Associate documents in personal office, up to 5 gb
  • Smart buttons for live external system access
20.00 /month/user

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All the benefits of Personal Office, plus

  • Go Video up to 100 video call participants
  • On-demand Pop-up video calling within your company
  • Unlimited Virtual collaboration rooms with parent-child work hierarchy
  • Kanban boards and project task management
  • Meeting notes, actions and decisions roll up
  • Individual dashboard
  • Document management up to 20 gb
25.00 /month/user

Try free for 1 month

All the benefits of Business, plus

Get 20% off for each license over 40

  • Special purpose digital collaboration rooms
    - Strategy execution
    - Enterprise communication
  • Dashboards, reporting and analytics
  • Document management up to 1 tb