Do you want to captivate your clients?

Build more client trust, faster with client-ready project views

The easiest way to strengthen client relationships is to tailor your project tools and updates around your client, instead of the other way around. Give them easy-to-use tools and dashboards that put status updates at their fingertips. The trick that makes Copy5 so awesome is that doing this doesn't require the hours and hours of wasted effort that it used to take to get information "client-ready". Instead, you can take that saved time and focus on building your client relationship!

Turn client strain into stronger relationships! Unlock these features with Copy5

Share only the information you want with restrictions

Give away information, but keep the secret sauce to yourself. Copy5 was built for you to decide what project information to share

Store safely

Keep client information and files safe with secure storage.

Get that face to face time you’ve been needing

Enjoy unlimited time on video calls and call a user directly from a group meeting.. Bonus: External members can join calls for free!

Keep it all together

Easily share information with clients, and add them to a “Room” or “Child Room” - you decide!

Keep client looped in, without logging in

Clients are not all tech-saavvy. Giving the most simple interface is usually best, and better yet not requiring a client to login goes a long way on the list of things clients appreciate.

How the Client relationship tools work

Your client relationships will be the healthiest they have ever been. Rock client follow up, and mapping buyer’s journeys. Everything you need to craft the ultimate client experience is waiting for you with Copy5.

Keep track of touchpoints

See your client relationships from a birdseye view. Maintain consistent touchpoints and easily know when its time to follow up with your clients. Watch your client relationships grow alongside your business.

Create client transparency

Share your status and deliverables with clients in a safe and easy fashion. Gain access to secure data rooms where your relationships can flourish without the worry of having your data compromised.

Stay top of mind

Keep your business in your client’s thoughts by upgrading your client relationship management. With Copy5 you will be able to boost your return clients by having all the tools you need to build loyalty. Rock your client relationships with Copy5.

who COPY5 was built for:

Business owners who want to build a loyal client base

Are you happy with your progress, but know you could be creating more loyalty? Do you place a high value on crafting a top-tier client experience? Copy5 was built to help business owners manage client relationships better.

Executives who feel out of touch with their clients

Do you find it difficult to keep in touch with clients regularly? Is your business growing faster than you can automate time-consuming tasks? Copy5 is the tool for executive who want to show their clients that you value their business.

Leadership looking to level up their client communication

Are you ready to take the next step to elevate your client relationships? You are on a mission and you know how important it is to have the right tools to get you where you are going.

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