Are you ready to blow your sales goals out of the water?

Copy5 is a sales manager’s best friend. An app that keeps track of every lead along your team’s unique sales funnel and gives you unparalled insights across initiatives.

Turn leads into loyal clients with a smoother, simpler process with the Copy5 Sales app

Visualize your pipeline & crush it

Visualize your pipelines, targets, and team performance all in one place. You’ll have visibility into the high-level all the way down to the smallest detail. Sales efforts have never been so clear.

Nurture leads like a boss

Score your leads and assign them to a team member. Add any information your team might need to turn your contact into a client. Welcome to your perfect centralized selling hub.

Empower your sales team

Give your team the smart system they need - not only to be successful in landing new sales, but also in maintaining client relationships. You’ll love how much more time your team has to focus on selling!

How the sales tools work

Knock out every sales goal with Copy5’s Sales and keep your eyes on the high-level while the details and next to-dos are crystal clear. A better process gives you time back so you can close more deals!

Personalize your funnel!

On day 1 you and your team will log into your team’s workspace and setup how you want to customize your sales flow.

You’ll set up kanban flows, rooms, and child-rooms (whichever combination fits your team best!).

Organize by your ideal customer and setup for cold, warm, and hot leads!

Set your sales goals

Tracking your progress against your goals has never been easier.

Copy5 gives you insight into the smallest detail, by person, all the way up to the aggregate initiative, deal and entire goal for the month (or whatever time frame that you set).

You’ll work towards your goals and your team will have complete clarity across the board.

Keep a high-level view of performance

Ditch feeling out the loop on a deal’s progress and say hello to seamless team collaboration. You can set access to specific individuals, or the team, to view performance dashboards and overall goal tracking progress.

Your team will be so motivated to sell, sell, sell!

who COPY5 was built for:

Sales teams with multiple collaborators

Do you have a growing team? Are you constantly in meeting with external players? If you are dealing with the stress of aligning a sprawling team this is the tool that will help you make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle.

Sales managers and reps depending on closed sales

Do you live and die by the hard closed sales numbers? If you’re a rep or managing a sales team, you feel the stress that this entails and are looking for a more predictable, sustainable way.

Sales leadership looking to up their game

Are you ready to take your team or business to the next level? You want to set higher goals and grow, but you know that depends on getting closed sales in the door.

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