Are you ready to show your projects who’s boss?

Do you feel like your projects are controlling you more than you are controlling your projects? We’ve been there, and we’re never going back! We kicked having a “gazillion browser tabs open” to the curb. Copy5 gives us the freedom to create better processes, through better, faster, more transparent team tools.

Turn leads into loyal clients in one place! Unlock these features with Copy5

One tool to rule them all! With customizable Kanban columns, centralized performance tracking, and easy to navigate daily dashboards. Project management has never been smoother or more air-tight.

Visualize your pipeline & crush it

Visualize your pipelines, targets, and team performance all in one place. You’ll have visibility into the high-level all the way down to the smallest detail. Sales efforts have never been so clear.

Nurture leads like a boss

Score your leads and assign them to a team member. Add any information your team might need to turn your contact into a client. Welcome to your perfect centralized selling hub.

Empower your sales team

Give your team the smart system they need - not only to be successful in landing new sales, but also in maintaining client relationships. You’ll love how much more time your team has to focus on selling!

How the Project management tools work

Your projects won’t know what hit them! Spend more time doing, and less time putting out fires. Your team will feel more connected and motivated. Filter out the chaos, and start writing your success story with Copy5.

Condense your tools

Save money and time by keeping all of your project management tools on one platform. Copy5 is a project manager’s best friend giving you access to all the tools you need to be successful.

Whether you need quality task management or team performance overviews, Copy5 has you covered.

Tear down silos

With Copy5 you will unlock a tool that allows you to manage more than just tasks and projects. You will be able to see across business initiatives making departmental silos a thing of the past.

See across your organization more clearly whether you’re looking vertically or horizontally. Feel more connected to your team with Copy5.

Execute more smoothly

Syncronize your project management processes and keep everyone in the loop. Take advantage of beatiful customizable Kanban overviews to keep your team on track and stress-free.

Save yourself the headache of. overscheduling sync meetings by getting started with Copy5

who COPY5 was built for:

Project managers with too many tools

Are you tired of initiatives getting lost in translation across all your different tools? If you are a project manager ready to find your homebase, then Copy5 is here to help you slim down your stack.

Project managers looking to connect their team

Do you have a sprawling team? Is it difficult to keep everyone on the same page? Copy5 was built for project managers, like you, looking to keep your team motivated and connected.

Project managers ready to deliver better results

Are you ready to take your team or business to the next level? You set high goals for yourself, and know that you need the right tools to reach them.

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