Meet the team

Copy5 is a team of leaders, engineers, and enthusiasts that believe in optimizing workflows and creating better collaboration between teams. We value team collaboration, open communication and working efficiently towards a big goal.

We're on a mission to create the best collaboration tool for teams!
Greg Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Sudhir Madyastha
Chief Operating Officer
Myron Mixon
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Halloum

New ways to work in a hybrid world

Focusing on digital communication, data organization, and business process collaboration; Copy5 is the first platform built for how people actually work, providing all the benefits and results of working in the same room from anywhere in the world.

Workspace configuration

Customize your daily workspace to prioritize activities, update tasks, execute processes, collaborate with teammates, and manage files.

Communications platform

Chat, meet, call, and collaborate in a video immersive platform integrated into business activities.

Copy5 drives enterprise productivity, aligns cross-team work, and optimizes workflow.

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